POC Omne Air Spin

poc omne air spin

POC Omne Air Spin Review

POC Omne Air Spin is a helmet for cycling and suitable to use anywhere when you ride your bicycle. This Swedish brand helmet will give you the highest safety and sophisticated function. The price of this helmet is around 160 euros, and there are 7 colors available with 3 different sizes.

Unlike the other kinds of helmets that POC sells for some serious cyclists who are looking for performance feature. This helmet is essentially designed for everyone, especially for entry-cyclists who live in urban areas.

About the safety, this Swedish company gave the latest technology to this helmet. POC Omne Air Spin helmet also has MIPS like the others. However, MIPS in this helmet is made of silicon pads that you will recognize because the silicone color is blue. Which is different from other helmets that made out of foam pads instead of silicone. These silicone pads don’t affect the fit and even good for lifetime use.

Omne series is different from the Octal series. POC Omne Air Spin bike helmet and other Omne kinds have fewer vents than the Octal. The vents will keep you feel cool during cycling even though it is not subjected to aerodynamic testing. At least, the safety standard is the same as the certification standards.

As I mentioned, the POC Omne Spin helmet is suitable for anyone. It is because of the 360-degree adjustment system to fit in optional. Even though the straps are not attached to the bottom like other models, they run directly inside the helmet. This POC Omne helmet will make you able to put glasses over the straps. The shape of this helmet is larger than other series, which will give reinforced safety and protection for daily casual cycling for ordinary people. So this helmet is a good recommendation for us.

In some POC Omne Air Spin review, this helmet is well to wear for anyone. This bike helmet is very comfortable to use, you also will get the feeling of safety. In a matter of fashion, this helmet has a stylish design that is suitable for every occasion, and it will make you look good. No matter how ridiculous your pose during selfies, this helmet will make those poses look good. However, the straps can twist easily. But overall, as a recommendation, the POC Omne Air Spin Matte Black probably good to buy and suitable for anyone, but well, serious cyclists will find this less than theirs.

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