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poc goggles

POC Goggles for Skiing and Snowboarding

Goggle is an important thing that will protect our eyes from many things. When we wear goggles, we will be able to do our activity during snowy days or extremely hot days. It is sure that goggle is very important if we want our eyes protected during our activity. By wearing goggles, we can do sport during snow days without feeling afraid if our eyes get irritated by the snow, ice, rain, slipstream, UV, or even rays. That is why you should make sure that you have worn your goggles before you start your activity in snowy days. There are many goggles that are available in the market. However, if you are looking for the most useful one, you should consider buying the goggles from POC.

There is no need to worry that POC goggles will give you bad protection. You will absolutely be surprised of the product description of the goggles from POC. The first goggles is the Cornea which is due to the invention from POC, it is found that attaching the lens outside of the frame will allow you to have larger field of view. Besides, the goggles from POC have extended bars which will make it perfectly fits to your face. What will make you more surprised is that the lens is injected by cylindrical POC screen and it is perfectly shaped. Therefore, the goggles have superb optical qualities.

Another quality that you could expect from POC goggles is that the inner lens is perfectly laminated to the outer lens. That is why the possibility of steaming would not be found. Another thing that should be underlined from the goggles of POC is that they are anti-fog and anti-scratch treated. That is why even though you breathe on the lens; there will be no fog that will disturb your sight. Also, even though you hit the trees, your goggles would not be scratched.

It is sure that poc goggles will be your first and last option when it comes to buying goggles. Consider buying Iris Stripes if you want to have the stylistic one. It has penetration resistant, anti-fog, and anti-scratch treated lens. Just the same with other goggles from POC, this series is really suitable for you who want to have better sport during winter. Make sure that you become the part of people who use this super goggle in their sport activity during winter days.

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