POC Ventral Spin

poc ventral spin

POC Ventral Spin The Best Road Bike Helmet for Comfortable Protection

Are you looking for a good road bike helmet? If you do, you might need to look at the POC product. This brand creates many high-quality bike helmets. One of them is the Ventral Spin. For that reason, here we have a POC ventral spin review for you. Hopefully, this review helps you to know more about this product before you buy it.

Ventral Spin Design

The design for POC ventral spin is unique. Other bike helmets maybe let the air go through its surface. It creates good airflow to improve speed. However, this product lets the airflow through it. You can see with so many unique holes on the whole surface of the POC ventral spin helmet. It gives you better airflow and keeps your head cool. It is a good thing for long-distance cycling.

Helmet Safety

For rider safety, POC ventral air spin helmet has unique SPIN padding. This padding creates rotational impact protection. That’s not all. This feature also gives you a more comfortable feeling than the ordinary padding. This padding works well with the ventral air spin ventilation system. So, you will feel comfortable when you wear it.

If we take a look at the fitting mechanism on the POC ventral helmet, we can find one of the best designs among the bike helmet. This mechanism surrounds the head. It is easier to adjust it to match your head size. Speaking about comfort, this helmet is the best one. Then, the strap and under-ear adjustment straps also give it a firm and stable position when you put the POC ventral spin race day helmet on.

The light material used on ventral spin POC is also another benefit you can get. It feels that you wear nothing. However, the inside part, especially the padding, is made of similar material like other bike helmets. It is made of silicon. But, the padding designs on POC ventral spin raceday work well even though it uses common material.


POC ventral spin is indeed a good helmet. It has many features and advantages. Take a look at the POC ventral spin uranium black or other models from this series. You will know that you can get perfect protection with this helmet. However, we need to remind you that this product, especially POC ventral spin uranium black matt is made for a professional biker or you who love biking. If you just ride for hobby or transportation, you may find the lower class helmet.

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