POC Helmet Octal

A Revolutionary POC Helmet Octal that Gives Extra Protection to Mountain bikers

POC helmet octal is a revolutionary road bike helmet. It is said as a revolutionary road bike helmet because the helmet is safer than a traditional bike helmet. The design is also more comfortable along with optimal ventilation. The Octal helmet is easy to bring anywhere and ready to use anytime because the weight is less than 200 gram. The helmet looks fit for bikers who have medium size head due to the size M design made in CE-version.

So, how can a POC helmet mountain bike is safer than the ordinary mountain bike helmets? One of the significant differences is on the temples and the back of the helmet. First, the temple and back design of the helmet has additional protection and coverage. Second, the manufacturer is using a thicker EPS liner and installed in the most exposed areas. Third, this POC helmet is applying different type of construction in which the unibody shell construction is wrapped. The wrapped shell construction is used as a monocoque and it increases the safety level of the helmet. The best part is that the additional protection and unique design don’t increase the weight. POC helmet is still lightweight and comfortable to use but it gives extra protection to the head of the bikers.

Another element that makes POC helmet road bike is unique than any other conventional mountain helmets is on the ventilation design. You will see a lot of ventilation in a conventional mountain helmet along with a smaller size. Unlike the conventional mountain helmet, the manufacturer creates a helmet with a few ventilation along with larger size. This kind of design is not only to make the POC helmet mountain bike looks stylish and give a strong character on the model but it is also because fewer and larger ventilations create better airflow. As a result, the POC Octal helmet has an aerodynamic performance. When you are wearing the Octal helmet, your head feels comfortable even after cycling for a few hours. The comfort condition you get while riding a bicycle is because of the Coolbest padding. This Coolbest padding keeps the temperature at the normal level. The manufacturer installs the padding to reduce the temperature between the helmet and head. Due to the features, materials, and design, POC helmet cycling won a prestigious award and it shows that this helmet is protecting your head while riding a bicycle effectively without losing its style and lightweight design.

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