Bolle Ski Helmet

bolle ski helmet

The New Bolle B-Style Ski Helmet with Visor

It’s only few weeks away before the winter. The weather may be dropping to freezing but for many people, the coming winter makes their spirit burns like fire. Yes, winter season is a blessing for those who have passion in winter sports because that’s the time they can find a new adventure. Skiing is definitely the most popular winter sports. Whether it is fun skiing to the extreme one, safety must be on top of the list. Never start a ski adventure without a proper safety gear and that’s including a ski helmet.

File of snow may be soft but don’t underestimate the risk of falling while you are skiing at high speed and not to mention the risk from possible rocks or trees along the ski trail. A good ski helmet will protect your head from the risk of impact while it also helps improving aerodynamic so you can deliver the best performance. Today in the era when everything must be documented and shared to social media, the gears are not only need to be durable and safe but also need to look good. Yes, ski helmet also needs to be fashionable. You can find all of those qualities from the new Bolle Ski Helmet.

The new B-Style Bolle Ski Helmet with Visor is the helmet every skier needs. It accentuates the combination of fit, fashion, and comfort, the Bolle’s Trademark. This model offers the highly durable and ergonomic helmet with technology advanced eyewear. The helmet is made from advanced materials with advanced design to reduce weight while offer maximum impact protection. The helmet design is ergonomically fit on the head and easy to adjust using it padded chin strap with quick release button. The google and sunglasses offers optimum protection while ensuring maximum visibility. Thanks to its high-end lens and well designed googles. Advanced retainer clip allows optimum google-helmet integration with high durability.

The new Bolle B-Style Ski Helmet with visor is DOT and CE/ASTM Approved. This model is also compliant with FMVSS 218 Standard. Bolle ski helmet review shows positive feedbacks about this model. Get ready for the next ski adventure with this new ski helmet from Bolle. This B-Style model is already available on outdoor stores and online retailers. Check the Bolle ski helmet sizing guide to make sure you order the right size. Don’t forget that ski helmet will only provides optimum protection when it is perfectly fit on your head.

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