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Uvex Urban Cycling Helmet Germany

Head is the most important part of our body. Why? It’s because there’s brain inside it. If our brain damaged, it’s 100% sure, we will get lot of problem to deal with. Therefore, if you like ride bike, a helmet is your life. The helmet will protect you from rock, trees and many obstacles that you have to face, when you ride your trail bike. On the market, there are three big manufactures of trail helmet, which are Giro, Bell and Specialized. But, now, there’s new, and maybe better helmet manufacture than those three.

It’s Uvex that try to challenge the big three with their helmet that manufactured way beyond the normal way. The Uvex helmets use unique material called Makrolon. This is space age material produced by Bayer Corporation and it makes the helmet said to be the world’s lightest helmet. The Makrolon material is used in “in-mold” technology to form the helmet shell. The high density polystyrene guts give the helmet great feature as shock absorption and lightest weight. This design allowed Uvex to put many ventilation ports. That means you will get best protection, light weight helmet and comfortable helmet to wear. So, is this helmet really worked like that? From the test, this helmet is deserved to be called as one of best race helmet. It has more coverage area from full face to rear.

This helmet also has IAS (Individual Adapting System) that’s very useful for biker. This feature allows you to adjust the helmet with just one spin. Just spin it to cinch it down and spin to the other way to loosen it. This feature  is easy to operate, even with one hand in the middle of ride. The other feature is the interesting chinstraps design. The Uvex Urban Cycling Helmet use single release button system. It’s also known as monomatic closure. You won’t find this system on many ride helmets on the market. With this system, you can easily adjust the helmet on your ride. The other great feature of Uvex Urban Cycling Helmet is the Bug Stop. Like its name, it can prevent bug to bug you when you ride your bike. This feature is placed in front vent. Although there are couples bugs that succeed go through the vent, but, it unable to do more than that.

Overall, uvex helmets are one of best helmet you can choose on the market. It deserves to get two thumbs up with all the feature and comfort that it provides for the rider.

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