Pocito Helmet

Pocito Helmet

Pocito Helmet Review for First-Time Buyers

You should ensure that your kids are safe while cycling, skateboarding, rollerblading, skiing and others. One of the ways is by asking them to wear a helmet. Indeed, ensure that they are wearing a helmet for kids, such as a Pocito helmet. The Pocito helmet review below will be useful for first-time buyers.


Pocito wants to ensure that its helmets are comfortable and safe enough to use. Choosing the right materials is crucial. That’s why the company chooses ABS material or Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for the helmet shell. This material is durable enough and protects your kids from fatal injuries. They combine it with the EPP liner and partial aramid penetration barrier to give extra protection. For its comfort, Pocito also adds an LD foam lining on the helmet.


A Pocito skull helmet and other Pocito products are more revolutionary than traditional helmets. Your kids are about to wear a helmet that is not only comfortable and safe but also a helmet that helps to monitor them. Thanks to the Google clip with contact information. This feature gives their parent’s contact information in case they are lost.


Kids love to wear something colorful, especially their favorite colors. It triggers them to learn to wear safety equipment while playing. The Pocito helmet ski and other products are available in several colors, including fluorescent orange, fluorescent pink, fluorescent blue, and fluorescent lime green. Another reason for creating helmets with bright hues is also to maximize visibility and avoid collisions with other kids or skiers.


The Pocito light helmet also has several functional accessories. A reflective sticker is one of the accessories that give extra protection. This sticker is clear to see and reflects lights. As a result, other skiers notify your kids. There is also an LED light that keeps your kids playing safely in case they are playing at night or in a low-light area.

Fit to the size of the Head

A helmet works maximally if it is fit to the head. This helmet also follows this standard. The manufacturer adds a turn-ring feature. You can adjust this feature to ensure that the helmet is fit for your kids. It means that they can also wear a helmet when they grow.


Pocito provides helmets for boys and girls. You can buy a Pocito helmet pink for your girl and Pocito Fornix fluorescent blue for your boy. The helmet is available in two sizes, XS-S or 51cm to 54cm and M-L or 55cm to 58cm. Pocito crane mips, Pocito omne spin, and Pocito retina are other products you can consider for your active kids.

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