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POC Fornix Review, the Best Protection for Your Snow Activity

POC Fornix always comes as the first recommendation, whenever you are looking for a good quality helmet for outdoor activity. So, why this helmet, you may ask. For that reason, here, we are going to find more about POC Fornix ski helmet.

Beautiful Design

POC Fornix has a simple design without too many accents like other outdoor helmets. Mostly, it is because POC tries to make it has a good aerodynamics quality. And, this shape looks cool on the POC Fornix black you can find in the store.

Speaking about color, black is not the only color you can get. For you who love cute designs, try to get POC Fornix pink. They look good on you when you move through the snow at high speed. If you don’t like this color, there is the other one.

Try the POC Fornix blue. It merges very well with the surrounding scenery and the blue sky above you. Wear it and you can feel more freedom on your ski. It is a perfect choice for a boy or girl. So, you should get it, if you can.

The Features

One of the best features is the Fornix mips. MIPS or Multi-directional Impact Protection System provides full protection for your head. It will minimize the risk of serious injury that could happen during your outdoor activity.

Aramid reinforces the bridges to provide better support for the shell part. Compared to POC Fornix vs auric cut, it is clear that POC Fornix has advantages here. It provides better and stronger protection than the other brand.

Where to Buy

You can find a good offer and deal of POC Fornix backcountry. This online store provides one of the best services you can find. Or, you also can use other popular online stores, like Amazon. But, if you want to get the best deal and POC Fornix helmet sale, try to get it from its official store.

By the way, you also can get various accessories that you can combine with this helmet. One of the most popular ones is the POC Fornix communication neckroll. This accessory allows you to keep communicating through your device while wearing this helmet.


In short, if you need the best and strong ski helmet, there is only one answer for you. It is POC Fornix. So, find it on the local store or your favorite online store. Then, get the POC Fornix lead blue or any color that you like. Now, you have the best protection for your head when you go to try a new ski course.

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