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poc mtb helmets

POC Tectal for the Best Protection and Comfortable Helmet to Wear on Mountain Bike

For those who like adventure, especially mountain biking, they would know poc mtb helmets. Yes, POC is one of the famous brands that created many high-performed and comfortable bike helmets for outdoor activity. Now, if you plan to try mountain biking, you should get one of this brand’s products. For the best experience, you can try poc tectal mtb helmet. Why?

What is POC Tectal?

The Tectal helmet is one of the latest and the best creation from POC. They combine the design of their old model, Octal with the Trabec. Thus, it created one of the best poc mountain bike helmets, which provide everything that you need. You get protection against impact as well as comfort.

The Ventilation

Mostly, mtb POC helmet with a good ventilation system is only available on the road biking helmet, like Octal. However, the combination of Octal’s elements in Tectal creates a functional ventilation design that improves the comfort for the mountain bike rider.

You can see nine ventilation holes in the forehead area. Then, on the crown area, you also can find another three ventilation shafts. The air will enter from the forehead and crown, which will flow through the inside of the helmet, gives you a good cooling effect. Moreover, poc tectal helmet for mountain biking has five exhaust vents, which improve the air circulation inside the helmet.


All POC Tectal model, including poc tectal race spin helmet, has a unique design that covers your entire head and the back of your head. Therefore, we can only see it as nothing but the best protection feature that POC can give to you. Moreover, the safety trap is connected right under your chin. It has a good position that allows you to use the poc tectal race spin without feeling uncomfortable.


The visor looks great on poc mountain hydrogen white or uranium black. It gives a cool and elegant look. Moreover, the visor on the POC helmet is adjustable. By adjusting it to match your biking habit, you can get more sight, which allows you to be more aware of your surroundings in the wild.


As you can see, POC is the answer, whenever you want to buy a mountain bike helmet. And, among many products from this brand, Tectal is your choice. It gives you protection, looks beautiful, and solves your mountain bike problem. So, get one, either the poc mountain uranium black or hydrogen white. They are all beautiful.

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