POC Trabec Helmet

poc trabec helmet

POC Trabec Helmet Review

Cycling is a fun and healthy activity. But we cannot deny the fact that the street sometimes can be dangerous and accident can happen anytime. That is why we need to wear proper protection measure when we are riding a bike, most importantly helmet. If you are currently looking for a durable and well-made helmet, POC Trabec Helmet is the best choice for you. With this excellent helmet, riding a bike will be even more fun and certainly safer.

High Durability

The most important quality a biking helmet must possess is definitely durability. And just like other POC Sports products, this helmet is known for its strong material that results in remarkable protection. The EPS liner, outer PC shell as well as the aramid filaments will ensure safety and utmost protection to your head in case of crash and collision. The most vulnerable areas in your head that can get hurt really badly when you fall is the temple and the back of the head. This helmet is designed in a way that will give best protection to those areas. POC helmet can protect your head and it is best if you protect your body as well with POC armor.

Well Ventilated

Besides its durability, this helmet is also very comfortable to wear and you can even wear it together with POC lobes goggles. Ordinary biking helmet can be very uncomfortable to wear because the inner layers are too thick and hot. You don’t have to experience that thing if you use this helmet from POC. This helmet comes with 16 ventilation slots so your head will have some room to breathe and the helmet will not make your hair smells bad. Moreover, the strap is adjustable from 55 cm to 58 cm. It will help the helmet stays in position and protect your head better during the ride. Don’t forget to wear a pair of POC gloves to complete your protection equipment.


Overall, POC helmet is definitely one of the best helmets in the market that will promise you nothing but excellence. You don’t have to doubt POC protection because this brand is very reputable and it is trusted by numerous biking enthusiasts. This helmet will fit your head very well because it has trabecular bone structure construction that will ensure comfort and protection at the same time. POC Trabec is definitely the helmet you should choose if you want to ensure your safety when you are cycling.

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