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poc air knee

POC Joint VPD Air Knee Pad

Mountain biking is fun and it certainly a healthy activity. However, mountain biking is totally different with casual biking you usually do on the street. It is very challenging and if you want to do it, you should equip yourself with the best safety measure. You should never go mountain biking without a proper shin guard and knee pad. Speaking of knee pad, if you are currently looking for a good one that will ensure the best protection, POC air knee is the answer. Here are some reasons why this product is the best company for your mountain biking routine.

Flexible but Super Safe

The worst thing about other knee pad products we often find in the store that it feels very rigid. Yes, the rigidity certainly can protect your knees but it means nothing if it only limits your moves. Mountain biking needs strong pedaling and to do that, you need a flexible air knee pad like POC. This product is very flexible and it is also very light so you won’t feel too much pressure on your knee. With this product, you can do the pedaling freely because the knee pad is specially designed that it will not restrict your moves. This knee pad is also customizable because it comes with hook and loop strap. You can also use MTB knee guard with it for extra protection.

Made of the Best Material

POC knee pad is special because it is made of the best material. The sleeve is made with neoprene. It is a synthetic rubber that is popular for its flexibility. Moreover, the neoprene in this product is accompanied with stretch fabric and anti-slip lining. Therefore, the knee pad will stay in place even if you move vigorously. The good news is, this knee protector will not limit your range of motion even though it is tightly secured in place. The second material is VPD (Visco-Elastic Polymer Dough) that is used to make the padding. The best thing about VPD is its impact absorption capability. Since it is able to absorb impact, it can protect your knee in case of accident and reduce the pain. Besides knee, elbow is also very prone to get hurt when you fall. So, it will be best if you also use POC air elbow pad for complete protection.


Don’t sacrifice your safety by wearing unreliable knee pad. Use POC knee protector and you can bike conveniently knowing that you will be safe even if you fall.

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